Published: Sun, March 11, 2018

Russians involved in United States election interference possibly Jews: Putin

Russians involved in United States election interference possibly Jews: Putin

In the sometimes combative interview, Putin denied the charge by USA intelligence services that he ordered meddling in the November 2016 vote, claiming any interference was not connected to the Kremlin. "They don't even deny it", Putin said. "So what?" Putin said. So what? ... I don't care.

Special counsel Robert Mueller continues to investigate the possibility of collusion between Russian Federation and the president's campaign.

Beyond representing the interests of the Russian state, Putin also questioned to what degree the indicted people were "citizens".

Despite Mueller's 37-page indictment detailing charges against the Russians, Putin said he has seen no evidence that their actions broke any law.

Although Putin has not explicitly positioned himself as an anti-Semite, he has aligned himself with the Russian Orthodox Church, which drew headlines for its anti-Semitic conspiracy theories late previous year. "Give us materials, give us information", Putin said in another excerpt from the interview with NBC, according to an English voice-over of his words. So what if they're Russians? Maybe they have dual citizenship or maybe a green card.

He said United States authorities should send Russia's general prosecutor an official request.

Kelly listed some of the accusations of Russian interference made by Mueller's office and other USA officials, including the spreading of false information online. Give us an official request. Mr. Trump has said he never said Russian Federation did not meddle. "And we'll take a look at it".

U.S. intelligence chiefs last month said Russian attempts to meddle in USA politics are continuing unabated - and pose a threat to mid-term congressional elections in November.

There are fears Russian hackers are planning to attack Britain's infrastructure and Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster says the United Kingdom would respond in kind. Kelly noted that Putin made the remark about not having the tools to disrupt the USA election shortly after he announced that Russian Federation had developed major new nuclear weapons.

But Putin said he was willing to "sit down calmly, talk and figure things out", going on to say, "I believe that the current president wants to do that, but there are forces that won't let him do it".

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