Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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Snapchat and Instagram pull Giphy integration because of racist GIF

Snapchat and Instagram pull Giphy integration because of racist GIF

It's similar to Instagram's feature that works the exact same way. In a statement to TechCrunch, Snapchat says that it removed the GIF and as temporarily suspended the integration with Giphy "while we wait for Giphy's team to take a look at it".

Giphy is out of the picture when it comes to Snapchat and Instagram integration, because of an incredibly racist GIF suggestion...

TechCrunch learned of the feature from Matt Rappaport after Dana Glidden spotted it.

Not all users seem to have access to the feature just now, but if it proves popular (which it probably will) then it will likely appear for everyone eventually. When someone views your Snap, they'll see a "More" option beckoning them to swipe up.

If you tag someone in a post, you will get a notification saying that someone has 'mentioned you in their Story'.

Facebook was one of the first to allow users to tag other accounts in photos uploaded to the site.

Both Snapchat and Instagram had introduced the feature in February that allows users to include GIFs from the media repository Giphy in their snaps and "Stories". "While there's no type-ahead drop-down menu like on some social networks, you can "@[someone's username]" to mention them.

Discussions are rife about how Snapchat has borrowed this feature from Instagram this time.

While quick sending messaging apps changed the way we sent messages, GIF added fun to chats. Although Facebook Messenger and Twitter also support GIFs on their platform, they utilize the Tenor database, which means that they are safe from this particular controversy, for now, at least.

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