Published: Mon, March 12, 2018

Elizabeth Warren not running for president

Elizabeth Warren not running for president

Asked whether she'd take an ancestry test, Warren said she wants to hold onto the folklore of her parents' love story. Asked if she will, Warren instead talked about her family and Native American issues. "'My family's story is deeply a part of me and a part of our brothers". "Can't seem to make it through a ceremony honoring Native American war heroes without trying to make something else out of it", she added.

"I already told you", Warren answered, saying she had "no intention" of running for president.

Host John Roberts asked Warren about the much-discussed projections that the Massachusetts Democrat would seek to unseat President Donald Trump. It's a term that Warren has said she considers a racial slur.

"Therefore, we offer a simple suggestion that could not even have been contemplated when Warren first listed her heritage on an employment form".

US Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to say whether she would serve a full six-year term if reelected to the Senate this year under persistent questioning from NBC's Chuck Todd.

Despite slander from the President, Warren remains passionate in her fight for social justice for the Native American community. "My mother's family was part Native American".

A recent editorial was published earlier this month in Massachusetts's Berkshire Eagle that urged Warren to buy a DNA test for $99 and prove her heritage to the public.

Ayyadurai's campaign slogan: "Only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian".

Warren added that while the issue has continued to pop up in her 2018 re-election bid, she doesn't see it as being a major concern to most MA voters. A 2016 United States justice department survey said 56% of Native American women reported experiencing sexual violence. I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead.

But Rebecca Nagle, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation living in Oklahoma, has said Warren needs to apologize for her "false claims", saying there's no evidence the former Harvard Law School faculty member has Native American heritage.

Jeffrey Berry, a professor of American politics and political behavior at Tufts University, said no speech will make the narrative go away, in part because conservative groups and Trump enjoy taunting her.

"I am very anxious that they're going to take advantage of him", Warren said.

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