Published: Mon, March 12, 2018

Former Trump campaign aide spends hours before grand jury

Former Trump campaign aide spends hours before grand jury

After his testimony before the special counsel, Stone told ABC News that he knew Mueller would ask him to hand over his emails and documents but he told the lead investigator he had no involvement whatsoever in Russian Federation collusion.

Sam Nunberg said Saturday that he now believes Mueller's probe is "warranted" - after spending six hours being grilled about associates of President Trump, according to ABC News.

The president is going to have to explain, and the president has to do an interview, I would say.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Nunberg, who was sacked from Trump's campaign in August 2015 over racist Facebook messages, said Putin "wanted Donald Trump to win".

"Here's why I don't believe it: President Vladimir Putin is running an operation because he's too smart to do it directly with the campaign", Nunberg said.

Nunberg told Good Morning America he was interviewed for "a long time" by investigators who had "a lot of questions".

Addressing his Friday testimony, he remarked, "I was there a long time, and they have a lot of questions", including "Did I ever hear Russian Federation spoken in the office?"

Sam Nunberg spent more than six hours inside the federal courthouse in Washington. He's the one who created a stir early this week when he did a cable-news takeover to complain about his subpoena, and dared Mueller to arrest him for ignoring that. But two days later, Nunberg had an apparent change of heart, saying he would hand over email communications with Trump and other witnesses to Mueller.

Monday's freakish television interviews culminated in a question from a CNN anchor as to whether Nunberg had been drinking (which he denied). "I wanted to show what this independent counsel, this independent investigation, does to people like me".

Nunberg, 36, is an associate of Trump ally and longtime political consultant Roger Stone.

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