Published: Mon, March 12, 2018

Russia test-fires Kinzhal hypersonic missile, the 'ideal weapon'

Russia test-fires Kinzhal hypersonic missile, the 'ideal weapon'

A Russian fighter jet carried out a training and combat launch of the hypersonic missile of Kinzhal, and the missile hit the target, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Sunday.

Russian Federation says it tested a hypersonic missile capable of traveling at 10 times the speed of sound. The video then shows a missile detaching from the airborne plane and gliding across the sky.

Russian Federation has launched a powerful new missile.

The MiG-31 departed from an airfield in the Southern Military District in Russia's southwest within the framework of a testing air alert.

Mr Putin described the Kinzhal missile - named after a type of knife - as "an ideal weapon" while speaking at the annual state-of-the-nation address on March 1.

The defence ministry said the missile was launched from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in south-west Russian Federation on Saturday.

Due to the high performance of the MiG-31 aircraft and the hypersonic missile with low radar visibility and high maneuverability, Kinzhal has no known peer-rivals in any other country, according to the TASS report.

The new missile is now undergoing tests and the pilots involved are getting a grip of the cutting-edge munition during their routine service, Col. Valery Antsibor, Deputy Commander of Russia's main test-piloting center, said.

Hypersonic speed, combined with flight and technical characteristics of MiG-31, is what makes the Kinzhal missile unique.

Kinzhal air system crews have conducted hundreds of tests emulating attacks made from a position of defense.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White downplayed Putin's comments, saying the US military was capable of defending the country from any threats.

The Russian air force has successfully test fired a hypersonic air-to-surface missile for the first time, Russia's defense ministry says.

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