Published: Tue, March 13, 2018

After wiping out Rohingya villages, Myanmar govt builds helipads on razed land

After wiping out Rohingya villages, Myanmar govt builds helipads on razed land

From their home, a tent hastily erected in a grassy field, the young Muslim Rohingya couple can see the village they left behind previous year, fleeing attacks by Buddhist mobs and Myanmar security forces.

The report also highlights concerns that abandoned Rohingya land will be set aside for ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and other non-Muslim groups in the area, and that alterations to the landscape will erase evidence of alleged atrocities by the military.

The report said the bases would house the same security forces that committed crimes against the Rohingya.

"This makes the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Rohingya refugees an even more distant prospect", said Hassan. They also show how new refugee centres, originally built to house Rohingya returning from Bangladésh, are encircled and monitored by strong military contingents.

The United Nations has previously used the term "ethnic cleansing" to describe the crackdown on almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who were forced to flee to Bangladesh.

"Not only does the Myanmar government have a responsibility to account for the alleged crimes in Rakhine state since October 9, 2016, and August 25, 2017, and the violations that continue today, but the global community must also be vigilant", Lee said.

Amnesty International on Monday released satellite images it said showed large-scale bulldozing and new infrastructure - including at least three new military bases - being built around the northern townships.

He said that most of the Rohingya villages remained intact, and legal action is being taken where there is clear evidence of human rights violations.

Myanmar, which impedes entry into Rakhine of independent United Nations researchers or human rights organizations, has in past argued that its need to reinforce security and invest in infrastructure in that area responds to need to make In face of threat posed by ARSA, which it considers a terrorist group.

"Rakhine State is one of the poorest parts of Myanmar and investment in development is sorely needed". Not only have ir homes been destroyed, but new constructions dehumanize even more discrimination y already suffered, "says Hassan. But the reality is that they are often building on top of these former villages", he said.

The quest for accountability, she said, "must be aimed at the individuals who gave the orders and carried out violations against individuals and entire ethnic and religious groups".

Aerial imagery of Kan Kya, Rakhine State, Burma.

The military killed women, men, and children, committed rape and other forms of sexual violence against women and girls and systematically burned hundreds of villages, clearly committing crimes against humanity.

"The remaking of Rakhine State is taking place in a shroud of secrecy".

She called on the Council to create a body in Bangladesh to collect evidence for potential trials of those who perpetrated abuse against the Rohingya, the report said.

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