Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Apple Music continues to grow, but aims for 2 billion subscribers

Apple Music continues to grow, but aims for 2 billion subscribers

The Sweden-originated subscription platform is now open for business in South Africa, Israel and Vietnam, countries with a combined population of about 160 million.

Spotify will go public on the New York Stock Exchange with a direct listing as early as next month, it has emerged.

Cost of revenue - which mainly consists of royalty paid to music record labels and music publishers - rose 49% in 2016, but just 27% past year, the company's documents showed.

Right now, there's no way to suggest completely new additions to Spotify using Line-In, although Spotify says it's possible for the feature to be added in the future.

Amazon Music Unlimited has over 16 million paid subscribers, Pandora Media has 5.48 million subscribers but Google has not disclosed the paid subscriber amount for its Google Play Music service. The company has announced a new feature, Line-In, where customers can add to the streaming service's metadata, correcting or adding to songs' current genres.

Spotify's enormous lead over Apple notwithstanding, some industry observers believe that Apple Music may catch up to and overtake Spotify in just a few months because it appears to be growing at a much faster clip.

There may still be problems ahead.

With its latest round of expansion, Spotify is now available in 64 markets. Radiohead and Taylor Swift have been among high-profile dissidents; both have returned to the service. Its operating loss widened to 378 million euros in 2017 from 349 million euros.

However, this option simply acts as a suggestion more so than an actual edit.

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