Published: Tue, March 13, 2018

Brown tells Trump California is focused 'on bridges, not walls'

Brown tells Trump California is focused 'on bridges, not walls'

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit San Diego on Tuesday to speak with military officials - and likely catch a glimpse at samples for his long-promised border wall.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said Mexico would foot the bill for his proposed wall along the southwest border, but the barrier could end up paying for itself by saving the USA treasury billions in welfare payments.

And, it comes amid escalating vitriol aimed at California from the Trump administration, which last week filed a lawsuit in federal district court claiming the state's sanctuary protections preempted federal immigration law.

But, it's a strategy that isn't likely to end soon, said Jack Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College.

In his letter, Brown notes that other presidents have used their inaugural visits to California to celebrate diversity.

Brown extended the invitation Monday in a letter saying the president should see the state's high-speed rail construction project.

Vargas told reporters "Trump is not welcome here!"

Those remarks about Curiel and Trump's campaign promise to build a "big, handsome wall" along the U.S. -Mexico border, has led to the Golden State earning a reputation as the incubator for the "resistance" against Trump's administration.

Seventy-seven percent of Republicans said they favor the wall, while 20 percent said they are against it.

When George W. Bush first set foot in California as President, he reminded the country why the largest state in the union matters, stating: "For decades, California has been the place where the future happens first".

But in the short-term, at least, Democrats seem to be doubling down on their attacks against the president.

KIrk pointed out that numerous lawsuits against Trump have originated in California, the state is intentionally harboring illegal immigrant criminals and the mayor of Oakland even issued a public warning about impending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.

"We will continue defending our community next week when this fascist president visits indigenous Kumeyay land to decide what prototype of use along this imposed border that divides families and further alienates Mexicans on both sides of the border", the group said. "Have (Trump) fix his own house before throwing stones".

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