Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Hearthstone's Next Expansion, The Witchwood, Revealed

Hearthstone's Next Expansion, The Witchwood, Revealed

Blizzard has released a wacky Blair Witch-inspired trailer for The Witchwood, which includes an introduction to six of the new cards (Azalina Soulthief, Genn Greymane, Baku the Mooneater, Phantom Militia, Pumpkin Peasant, and Militia Commander). The first is Echo, which allows you to play the same card multiple times in the one turn, as long as you have the Mana to pay for it.

A trio of Hearthstone developers went into the forest to discover the secrets of The Witchwood, the new expansion for Hearthstone. The expansion is available for pre-purchase now, and those who take part will earn 20 packs, as well as an "In a Dark Wood" card.

Some cards have already been printed that utilize similar mechanics.

Along with a bevy of new cards, Witchwood will also introduce a new Echo keyword. As for Rush, it works similar to Charge but you can't attack the enemy player directly to his life points on the first turn the card it's played.

Other cards have similarly big effects, like upgrading or reducing the cost of your Hero Power from the start of the game, copying your opponent's hand, or flip-flopping health and attack while still in your hand.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure those Hearthstone guys in the video are actually perfectly OK, so you can stop worrying about them and have a look at the first of the new cards down below. Blizzard has a preview stream scheduled for March 26 at 11 AM PDT where they'll show off several of the upcoming cards. In addition, crafty deck-builders can employ powerful minions that challenge them to use only odd- or even-cost cards in exchange for a potent advantage. Much like that adventure, Monster Hunt will have players defeating bosses and drafting decks as they go, though they'll have to wait two weeks after the set launches before this mode goes live.

The expansion will also add a new Monster Hunt mode to the action, similar to Kobolds & Catacombs' Dungeon Run, that challenges players with a series of eight increasingly hard encounters leading into a big boss fight. This time, though, the bundle is a full 70 packs instead of the usual 50. As for the cards yet to be revealed, each class will be 2 Legendary cards and you'll be able to grab 3 free packs and a random Class Legendary card as soon as the expansion arrives.

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