Published: Tue, March 13, 2018

Israeli PM Netanyahu Reaches Deal With Allies to Avert Early Election

Israeli PM Netanyahu Reaches Deal With Allies to Avert Early Election

Members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition have accused the embattled premier of brewing a "fake crisis" over a legislative dispute, concerning the controversial military conscription of ultra-orthodox Jewish men, in an attempt to seek an early election to help him survive corruption investigations.

After coalition talks on Sunday, Netanyahu's office said cabinet ministers were waiting for ultra-Orthodox parties, which control 13 of the government's 66 seats in the 120-member parliament, to present a revised formula for the legislation. But looming over Netanyahu's speech was a mountain of corruption scandals. "If he [Netanyahu] wants an election, we all know that we aren't the reason for it", referring to ongoing criminal investigations against Netanyahu. "The hour is late, but not too late", Netanyahu told a stormy parliamentary session.

"So as a result of these two forces - security on the one side and civilian technology on the other - there has been a dramatic change ... between Israel and most of the Arab world". His religious partners say they will not vote for the 2019 budget without the draft exemptions, while a key secular partner has vowed to bolt the coalition if the budget isn't passed soon. That has led to a series of urgent meetings between Netanyahu and his political partners.

United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if Germany, France and the United Kingdom do not meet its demands, US President Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their White House meeting.

Later on Wednesday, Netanyahu took to Facebook to lash out at the corruption cases.

Israel's attorney general is expected to make a decision on an indictment by the fall. Netanyahu, however, has said he prefers not to have such a narrow coalition. There is one way only, smear Netanyahu. The second for promising to promote legislation to boost a newspaper in exchange for favourable coverage.

Netanyahu has denied wrongdoing in all of the cases, accusing prosecutors, police and the media of conspiring to oust him.

On Saturday, the religious party heads indicated that they would be willing to accept a compromise, but Lieberman made it clear he was unwilling to budge, even at the cost of propelling the country into an early election.

According to the report, Netanyahu wants to schedule the elections for June 26, and hopes to garner support from both the coalition and the opposition for the plan.

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