Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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King's Cross Station closes amid pro-Kurdish demonstration

King's Cross Station closes amid pro-Kurdish demonstration

Services at both London's King's Cross and Manchester Piccadilly halted following the Kurdish demonstrations against Turkey's military operation in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, northwestern Syria, police said on Sunday.

Police closed King's Cross station.

Video footage at the scene showed some of the officers brandishing batons as crowds swarmed against them.

Similar rallies have been held across Europe in support of Afrin, the Syrian city which has been besieged by Turkey for weeks.

Superintendent Mark Cleland, from British Transport Police, said officers will use full investigative resources to track down offenders.

All lines in an out of the station have been suspended as a result of the demo, which began around 1pm.

The protest caused cancellations and delays before the station reopened at about 7pm.

Red flags displaying the emblem of the proscribed PKK are also visible in images of the Manchester Piccadilly protest posted to social media.

Protesters then moved to nearby Euston Road, bringing traffic to a standstill, and later Oxford Circus, where the London Underground station was temporarily closed at the request of police.

"This is a spot demonstration of angry people who feel the United Kingdom government has been quiet on this issue", the spokesman said.

"Those involved in this afternoon's incident will be subject to intense investigation with a view to arrest and prosecution".

MANCHESTER's main railway station has been closed after protesters waving Kurdish flags stormed the tracks.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: "The station will remain closed until all protesters have been removed".

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