Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Amazon adds voice and video calling on tablets through Alexa app

Amazon adds voice and video calling on tablets through Alexa app

The homage to the classic device is powered using an Amazon Fire HD tablet that is then joined by additional lights, speakers and software added by Master Replicas Group to give it the look of HAL.

Up to now, calling via Alexa has been limited to Echo devices and smartphones. The latest update to the app now lets you place audio and video calls with Alexa as well as send messages to your contacts with its help.

To access this functionality, users will need to have the Amazon Alexa app installed.

In other Alexa news, you no longer need to speak or say the command word "Hey Alexa" as a prefix before every single command. This was the same reason why one of Amazon's solutions was to scrap the "Alexa, laugh" prompt and replace it with the more specific "Alexa, can you laugh?" phrase. A new feature called "follow-up mode" may change that.

There is another feature we wanted to tell you about on this app as well, which is called Drop-In. Hopefully, Amazon makes it a default feature soon as I am sure most users would want to see that done. Once the Alexa app is open, the feature should work the same as if the device were any other Amazon Echo-enabled device.

But you can also enable remote Drop In for specified contacts. No need to be a Prime member to use this new perk.

Another user reported that Alexa started laughing in the middle of a conversation in his office. Are you excited that you can do everything over Wi-Fi and not waste your data?

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