Published: Wed, March 14, 2018

Failures Put Fertility Centers In The Spotlight

Failures Put Fertility Centers In The Spotlight

Numerous families who lost eggs and embryos stored at an OH fertility clinic have filed lawsuits this week.

A San Francisco fertility clinic says thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged after a liquid nitrogen failure in a storage tank.

University Hospitals now faces multiple lawsuits following an incident at its Fertility Clinic that compromised hundreds of eggs and embryos stored in liquid nitrogen. PRW has received calls from at least 12 patients affected by a similar accident at a San Francisco fertility clinic, and looking for legal representation, Wolf said in a March 12 conference call. It's already leading to lawsuits from once hopeful families.

How often frozen eggs or cells are damaged is unclear because there is no central reporting mechanism. In order for patients to know whether their eggs are viable, they have to be completely thawed.

The Ash family welcomed Ethan, now 2-years-old, into their lives through in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, at UH. The couple just learned that their two remaining frozen embryos no longer are usable. "We are committed to getting answers and working with patients individually to address their concerns", the University Hospitals statement said.

Cleveland 19 spoke to them on Sunday.

The tanks are replaced every 10 years, even though they could likely last longer.

Both the facilities in Cleveland and San Francisco have apologized to their clients and promised in-depth investigations into the malfunctions.

The oversight of fertility labs differs by state.

"Right now, our patients come first". They call the hospital's response "an utter breach of trust". The rest of the tanks were not affected. "My heart just sank", she said.

"At -150 degrees Celsius the alarm will go off", said Plante. "Our goal with this whole to focus on preventing this from ever happening again".

Cleveland law firm Peiffer Rosca Wolf Abdullah Carr & Kane (PRW) has filed a class action lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas Cuyahoga County on behalf of a Pennsylvania couple and another estimated 700 victims. "Since the news broke, our office phones have been ringing", he said. He also stated that they are sorry for the anxiety that this mishap has caused. We intend to do that within the next couple of days, " he said.

They filed a separate class action lawsuit over the weekend.

Accrediting bodies such as the College of American Pathology may also conduct reviews, and the clinics themselves will investigate or hire outside experts to do so, Doody said. He said such breakdowns are extremely rare, and two at once is "beyond stunning". But late last week, one of her bridesmaids texted her out of the blue. "When you're dealing with a singular cell, there's no room for error", he said. "They need to fix this, and they need to be held accountable legally".

Retrieving eggs is not a simple medical procedure, and Pacific Fertility's egg-freezing services are not cheap.

"Our tanks have an automatic refill function".

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