Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Senate Majority Leader resigns after leaked video revealed alleged affair with Lobbyist

Senate Majority Leader resigns after leaked video revealed alleged affair with Lobbyist

Pictured, Republican Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix on his wedding day with then new wife, Gerri Dix. The woman did not respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

Told GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds in a statement, 'I believe he made the right decision in stepping down ...

Republicans in the GOP-controlled chamber plan to elect a new majority leader on Wednesday.

Charles Schneider, R-West Des Moines, who filled in for Dix as the floor leader, calling up bills during Monday's Senate debate.

"I not only sponsored and voted for this amendment, but I was a leader who helped shepard (sic) this amendment through the Iowa House", Dix boasted in 2006, when he ran unsuccessfully for Iowa's 1st Congressional District seat.

Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen issued a statement raising the possibility that state policy had been affected by Dix's relationship with the lobbyist.

The woman in the video is a registered lobbyist with the Iowa League of Cities, an organization that lobbies state government officials on behalf of cities across the state. "After footing the bill for a $1.75 million settlement in Kirsten Anderson's lawsuit against Senate Republicans, Iowa taxpayers deserve nothing less", she said.

Dix has maintained the ex-staffer was sacked for poor performance.

The incident led to Senator Dix coming under scrutiny for his role in firing Anderson hours after she reported a toxic work environment, with the lawmaker continuing to insist firing the staffer exclusively for job performance reasons.

After the lawsuit, both the House and Senate hired a human resources director to handle harassment complaints. The ex-lawmaker released recommendations in January that included suggesting all employees at the state Capitol - including elected lawmakers, nonpartisan staff, lobbyists and the media - receive training "regarding what constitutes inappropriate behavior".

The former state Senator has three children.

"It is long past time for Republicans to address how their elected officials act at the Capitol and represent the people of Iowa".

"This has taken everybody by surprise", said Senate President Pro Tempore Jerry Behn, R-Boone, a past leader of the Senate GOP caucus.

Dix began serving in the Iowa Senate in 2011 and became majority leader in 2013.

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