Published: Thu, March 15, 2018

France plans to sue Google, Apple over treatment of French software developers

France plans to sue Google, Apple over treatment of French software developers

It was revealed in December 2017 that the Finance Ministry is seeking to fine Amazon 10 million euros.

France on Wednesday petitioned to fine Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.'s Google for allegedly taking advantage of smaller French software developers.

Among the contractual terms in question, the DGCCRF mentions in its statement the imposition of price brackets within which developers must fix the tariffs paid by end-users, the threat of unilateral termination of contract, and the ability to exploit data owned by developers with no reciprocity. These targeted companies and individuals making software for the App Store and Google Play.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says the country will take Apple and Google to court over mobile developer contracts.

France's DGCCRF consumer fraud watchdog confirmed in a subsequent statement that it had begun legal action against the USA technology groups.

Bruno Le Maire expected the Paris commercial court to impose sanctions that would likely cost Google and Apple millions of euros.

'My responsiblity is to ensure economic law and order, ' said Le Maire.

French authorities said that the latest case brought against Apple and Google is created to address "significant imbalances" in how French software developers are treated. In France, "planned obsolescence" - the practice of a device maker purposefully shortening the life of the product to pressure users to upgrade to a newer model - is illegal and can carry heavy fines and jail terms for its executives.

For a number of years, the Irish Government had been cutting taxes for the iPhone maker in return for continued inward investment.

But European officials have said they will not be intimidated by Trump's protectionist moves, which have yet to be put into effect.

A representative for Apple didn't respond to a request for comment.

"The United States government and the Irish government both agree we've paid our taxes according to the law".

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