Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Rockland ranks healthiest county in state, Sullivan remains next to worst

Rockland ranks healthiest county in state, Sullivan remains next to worst

Piatt (11), Woodford (12) and Tazewell (20) counties all ranked in the top 20. The task force, comprised of several county departments, community members and Broome County legislators met several times to collectively came up with a plan to improve the health outcomes and health factors in Broome.

"It is very concerning that our community hasn't progressed more", Mayor Allen Joines said. "Leveraging the County Health Rankings data is an important step toward realizing this goal in Florida". "It will take a generation in some cases to see improvements".

In 2018, Broome County ranks 53 in health outcomes, out of the 62 New York State counties. Since then, Forsyth has ranged from 22nd in 2011 to 43rd in 2016.

In addition, the report ranks Leon County as 5 in terms of income inequality, which it claims is associated with increased risk of sickness and death.

Milwaukee County ranks second to last among all Wisconsin counties for residents' health outcomes, according to an annual County Health Rankings Report. The U.S. has a long history of racism and discriminatory policies and practices that have limited the opportunities of people of color in choosing where to live, including practices like denying housing loans to people of color.

By using a standardized measuring stick, the study helps explain why Forsyth's rankings are not directly related to lack of care, considering it has two of the largest hospitals in the state.

The organization is looking closer at social and economic factors as indicators of health than in the last nine years, Jerome said.

According to the report 23 percent of children in Ingham County are living in poverty. Figures estimate poor health causes about 14,000 years of potential life lost in Petersburg, versus a state average of 6,100. "So even though we may not see progress in the short term, that doesn't mean that there won't be progress in the long-term".

The new Rankings State Reports call attention to key drivers of health, such as children in poverty. 2 and 3 in the rankings. "I think it's still something that needs to be addressed", he said.

Other counties could have simply done better.

"Once we understand what the gaps are, at least we know where to shoot, but it requires not just government involvements, it requires a lot of different stakeholders".

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