Published: Sat, March 17, 2018

UN Report Finds Finland Is the Happiest Country in the World

UN Report Finds Finland Is the Happiest Country in the World

According to this report, Finland is the happiest country in the world.

Ukraine has fallen from the previous year 132nd position to the 138th.

Thailand's smiles have drooped slightly, according to the latest edition of a United Nations happiness index published Wednesday. The country moved to second place in its neighbor Norway.

The World Happiness Report issued by the United Nations looked at 156 countries and ranked them according to such things as social support, life expectancy and corruption. Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia were also placed in the top 10. This year, in the sixth World Happiness Report, more than 150 countries were included in the study.

Elsewhere, the United States ranked No. 18 while the United Kingdom came in a almost as happy No. 19.

The six variables based on which this report is released are: income, freedom of movement and speech, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity.

Where as, the top 10 unhappiest countries in the 2018 global report are in descending order, Malawi, Haiti, Liberia, Syria, Rwanda, Yemen, Tanzania, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Burundi.

The United States landed in 18th place, dropping four spots from a year ago.

Nordic countries usually appear in the top five places but those that are hit with war as well as places in sub-Saharan Africa regularly appear at the bottom. It surveyed 156 countries for their happiness levels, and 117 countries to determine the happiness of immigrants.

One chapter of the 170-page report is dedicated to emerging health problems such as obesity, depression and the opioid crisis, particularly in the United States where the prevalence of all three has grown faster than in most other countries.

Finland's ambassador to Thailand, Satu Suikkari-Kleven, said she was happy her country was ranked at No.1 on both the general Happiness Index and Immigrant Happiness.

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