Published: Sun, March 18, 2018
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New York Jets Make Major Trade With Colts For First Round Pick

New York Jets Make Major Trade With Colts For First Round Pick

They had to do it.

Williamson signed a three-year contract worth $22.5 million with NY after spending his first four National Football League seasons with Tennessee and leading the Titans in tackles in two of those years.

After losing the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, the Jets did re-sign Josh McCown and sign Teddy Bridgewater to presumably take care of their quarterback situation for the 2018 season. Buffalo is expected to package draft picks to also move up for a quarterback as well.

The Denver Broncos are obviously taking very seriously the fact that in 2017, they had arguably the worst quarterback situation in the NFL. In total, they now have nine selections in this year's draft, plus more ammo in 2019.

The No. 37 overall pick is the Jets' original second-round pick.

Now they will be in position to draft one of the top quarterback prospects of the draft. It was a no-brainer. Now they have nine, and it's hard not to love their move here.

All of these teams have made substantial investments in free agent quarterbacks - the Browns trading for Tyrod Taylor - and none are signed for more than two years. They were the Band-Aids, the quick fix. Getting a quarterback to build around was a priority entering this off-season - familiar territory for a franchise that mostly has struggled to find sustained success under centre since the days of Joe Namath.

At this point I'd bet even money that the first five picks of the draft go: QB, RB/Pass Rusher, QB, QB, QB (yeah, four of the fop five picks are quarterbacks), setting the stage for a wild draft full of trades and plot twists. You don't make this kind of trade if you don't love the third quarterback on your list. That's based on conversations with personnel people around the league.

Baker Mayfield reportedly had an impressive showing.

The Jets won't be able to control who goes first and second. Why will this? Let's not kid ourselves, they're totally drafting Allen. But now, the Jets swooped in and possibly changed their plans.

Crowell is joining the Jets on a three-year contract, adding depth to their backfield following the retirement of Matt Forte. Good riddance. In the long run, they would've regretted the deal because he's no savior.

Did they give up a lot?

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