Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
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Google to discontinue popular service

Google to discontinue popular service

Firebase software engineer Michael Hermanto told The Verge that since 2009, the ways in which people share information on the web has changed, while additional URL shorteners have grown in popularity. Users and developers alike have the one-year period to continue using the service, though if you've never used before April 13, you can count yourself out beyond that date.

New and anonymous users can not use console to shorten their links starting from April 13th, while old users get an extension for a year.

It seems that there's no need for a Google URL shortener any more, with Google announcing they'll be switching off the service this year. Starting April 13, 2018, FDLs, which are essentially smart URLs will replace Google's Google has suggested developers to make use of FDL APIs which will automatically detect user's platform and send the URL either to the web or your app, appropriately.

The URL shortening service by Google will no longer be available from the next month.

For developers, there are also additional benefits on offer as the destination can be far more customized with the option to redirect users who don't have a destination app installed to the Google Play Store listing for the app. "We're excited to grow and improve the product going forward". In March 2019 will cease to already established links, however, they will continue to work for all users. While all existing links will still point to right address, users will be unable to create new shortened links; and will eventually be unable to manage current links. You can create new links with the Firebase console. "We hope you are too!"

As for the new users, the company recommends trying the new FDLs service to create their shorter links. Only those users who have been using Google short URL service after login can only download their short URL history and all related data.

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