Published: Tue, April 03, 2018
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Arie Makes April Fool's Pregnancy Joke, Becomes Even Bigger D-Bag

Arie Makes April Fool's Pregnancy Joke, Becomes Even Bigger D-Bag

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham didn't get the message that pregnancy April Fools' jokes aren't amusing to those struggling with infertility.

"Secrets finally out, we have a bunny in the oven!" tweeted Arie, tagging Lauren in the post.

Not only did people find the prank lame, but they also called out the couple for being insensitive joking about pregnancy when many women who try to become pregnant have trouble, or suffer miscarriages.

He wrote: 'I do have sympathy for women struggling from infertility. The article quoted women who had struggled to get pregnant, explaining why April Fool's jokes about pregnancy hit them hard.

It's not amusing, Arie Luyendyk Jr. "You of all people should understand this is a gross joke to make".

Fans of the ABC dating show franchise, however, knew Luyendyk Jr. was joking, as Burnham has posted a number of photos of herself on their recent global vacation with a totally flat tummy.

Fans of Bachelor Nation and beyond were not happy with the joke, while others on social media took the joke more seriously, citing problems couples have had trying to conceive and how it's nothing to poke fun at.

Another user sent a link to a 2016 ABC News article, titled "Why you shouldn't joke about pregnancy on April Fool's Day".

According to E! News, Arie tweeted out a photo of his fiancé and Bachelor runner-up/winner Lauren Burnham with a baby bump and let his followers know that he and his lady had a bun in the oven. A lot of people struggle with getting pregnant or (losing) babies.

"Since we've been out in public the last few days", Luyendyk Jr. added, "people have been really supportive".

Luyendyk facing criticisms after his April Fool's joke backfired on him.

Luyendyk previously faced backlash after ending his engagement to Becca Kufrin on The Bachelor Season 22 finale. The finale featured an excruciating 40-minute unedited scene of Kufrin, 27, weeping as Luyendyk explained he could not stop thinking about Turnham. He then proposed live on "After the Final Rose", and the two have been together ever since.

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