Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
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Man's head blown off by girlfriend in Facebook Live video gone wrong

Man's head blown off by girlfriend in Facebook Live video gone wrong

Pictured Houston man, Devyn Holmes being shot in the head on Facebook Live.

According to Houston Police, 25-year-old Cassandra Damper was playing with a gun inside a auto that was parked outside of a Valero Gas Station on Almeda Road on Sunday at around 2:30 a.m.

Then, the Facebook Live video shows Damper pulling the safety off and cocking the gun, pointing it towards Holmes. The two other people in the auto exit the vehicle. The edited video cuts out at the moment Holmes is shot, but resumes after the gun went off, showing Holmes bleeding and unconscious.

Devyn Holmes, 26, was shot in the head on Sunday as he sat beside a woman who has since been named as Cassandra Damper, 25.

Holmes' last words before the gun was sacked were, "Hey, where you from again?"

"You're making me nervous", Holmes is heard saying as he tries to still the woman's hand who is handling the gun.

'She ain't got no clip bud, ' the other man tells him.

Just seconds later, the gun fired and struck the 26-year-old, his body slumping over and blood becoming visible on his white t-shirt.

Damper told police that she believed the gun was unloaded, according to Click2Houston.

Following the shooting incident, Click2Houston reported Damper and Coleman fleeing the vehicle, leaving Holmes bleeding out in the front passenger seat.

The footage has been deleted and one person has been charged with tampering with evidence.

The other man in the video has not been charged.

It's understood that Mr Holmes is now on life support at Ben Taub Hospital as a result of the gunshot wound to his head.

A grand jury is expected to decide on a charge against Damper who reportedly tried to cover up involvement.

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