Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
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Protester reportedly hit by sheriff's vehicle at Stephon Clark protest

Protester reportedly hit by sheriff's vehicle at Stephon Clark protest

There is no discussion of a woman being hit by a sheriff's cruiser until minutes later in the audio, when a dispatcher says calls are coming in about a woman - later identified as 61-year-old Sacramento activist Wanda Cleveland - being hit by a law enforcement vehicle. An autopsy report revealed the victim was shot eight times, mostly in his back. The incident was recorded on police body cameras.

In video published by the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers, protesters can be seen surrounding two Sacramento Sheriff's Department SUVs with lights and sirens on, though demonstrators did not appear to engage in any form of violent or aggressive behavior toward the vehicle.

It was the latest in a series of demonstrations that have been held in the two weeks since Stephon Cark was shot dead by Sacramento police. "When people are occupied, resistance is justified" the crowd chants.

At first, demonstrators are walking alongside deputies' vehicles. "That is what happened here, which culminated in many vehicles being struck, objects being thrown, and fires being started", Jones said. The vehicle then slows momentarily and nearly comes to a complete stop before accelerating at high speed into the stunned crowd of protesters, striking a woman, and speeding off.

The second cruiser then struck her and she hit the ground.

"Scott Jones moved very quickly and tried to be as transparent as possible, and that's to be applauded", said attorney Mark Reichel, who is representing Cleveland. She was hit by a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department vehicle on Florin Road and was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.

Reichel disputed that characterization and said Cleveland is a longtime Sacramento resident and activist, not a paid protester.

"I'm on a mission now", Cleveland said. "I fear for the streets and now I've got to fear for the cops", Barnes said, according to Mercury News.

Hours after the crash, sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Shaun Hampton blamed "vandals" for harassing the deputies and damaging their vehicles.

As demonstrators screamed, the marked auto appeared to accelerate and hit a Cleveland, knocking her to the ground as seen in video of the crash taken by Guy Danilowitz of the National Lawyers Guild. "Is my life not that important?" She suffered minor injuries. Bystanders are heard screaming as they rush to her aid.

"He never even stopped. It was a hit and run", Cleveland told the Sacramento Bee.

He added: "This isn't a Sacramento problem, this is a nationwide problem". "It's disregard for human life".

One of the witnesses named Andre Young said: "This was a hit-and-run". "Police have to be better than this". "She is a sweet lady and she was just out there trying to change things".

The Sacramento Police Department's release of body camera and helicopter video, including the officers' subsequent attempt to fabricate a pretext for the murder while their microphones were switched off, have prompted nearly daily protests demanding an end to police violence and poverty in the California's capital city.

Meanwhile, as the incident is being investigated, the deputy involved continues to work their normal assignments. "A collision occurred while the patrol vehicle was traveling at slow speeds". He was also shot in the leg. Obscenities are hurled, along with a glass bottle, which shatters.

"So like what we've been talking about today, we didn't want to lose sight of why we're here", he continued. Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant - how many more names do we gotta name?

Protesters gathered outside a sheriff's facility Saturday because a department helicopter had helped police pursue Clark.

"We fear what we don't know", he said.

He, too, took the microphone. "This theme of being shot illicitly for doing nothing because the color of your skin should be able to stop".

Also speaking was Marissa Barrera, whose family sued the city of Woodland after her 30-year-old brother, Michael Barrera, died in police custody last year. "You have families across California that didn't get the kind of transparent investigation that this family is going to get".

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