Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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Apple exploring curved screens and 'touchless' gestures for future iPhones

Apple exploring curved screens and 'touchless' gestures for future iPhones

To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs.

Apple is reportedly working on a couple of new features for future iPhones in order to differentiate its products from the growing competition.

A new report purportedly coming from "people with knowledge of the matter" says Apple is working on bringing curved screens to its smartphones, a move which may happen in around 2-3 years.

Apple's iteration of the software feature is said to be similar to the existing 3D Touch feature which provides additional information when the user hovers their finger over a trigger area. It's unclear exactly how this feature would work, but it likely involves "hovering" over specific user-interface elements and won't be the core way of interacting with the smartphone.

The new displays is a new gesture control feature.

While we're still getting the hang of Apple's new gesture interface on the iPhone X, Apple is apparently working on an entirely new kind of phone with a touchless gesture-based input. What makes Apple's approach to the technology different is the fact that the tech giant would rely on sensitivity built into the display, rather than an external camera. The Galaxy S4, for example, allowed you to swipe through photos, scroll pages and answer calles by simply swiping or waving in the air above the display.

Apple's design would require gestures to be closer to the screen than with Project Soli, the person familiar with the situation said.

At this stage in the technology's development, few companies have yet produced commercial devices with microLED displays.

According to a Thursday report, Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology has approved PlayNitride's application to set up a US$17 million production facility at Hsinchu Science Park. Samsung is already working on a foldable smartphone, while Huawei is seeing increased success in Asia.

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