Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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Fortnite vending machines locations: Your guide to finding them all

Fortnite vending machines locations: Your guide to finding them all

They don't always appear in the same locations, but we have a guide to finding Vending Machines. After first being discovered through datamining, vending machines have been added to Battle Royale, offering players random deals and items when found. The initial such "content update", as Epic calls them, has come on every platform and features the Vending Machine, among the other additions and changes. There is no limit to how many items one could purchase, provided the person could afford it. The problem is that you need to find one to take advantage of the opportunity to buy weapons and items from them.

If you're wondering where are all the vending machines locations in Fortnite then click through our gallery above. The higher the rarity, the higher the price.

Fortnite version 3.4 dropped last week, bringing some new content and a number of big fixes with it, but today, Epic Games is tossing more into the mix.

Items found in a Rare (blue) version will cost 300 materials. While there's plenty to pick from around the map, each vending machine is assigned a certain rarity at the start of a match, which means any items on offer will match that rarity.

Items found in a Legendary (gold) version will cost 500 materials. They'll also operate on a timer cycle, so you'll have to time going to the machine properly...or just whack it with a pickaxe to speed the timer up. As the damage falloff, the distance at which their damage is diminished also has been changed. And now those clever souls at Epic have released the fan-favourite battle royale game on mobile, so NOW you can play it anywhere!

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