Published: Sat, April 07, 2018
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Facebook introduces 360 degree photos and HD video to Messenger

Facebook introduces 360 degree photos and HD video to Messenger

Facebook supports 360-degree images and videos in the main app, however this new update allows you to capture 360-degree picture with your 360-degree camera for sending it to others.

Likewise, to share an HD video, select one you've saved from your phone or one in your newsfeed. However, if the HD footage has been captured in advance it can then be sent using Facebook Messenger. The broader effect of this news cycle around Facebook's approach to privacy, is an increased general mistrust of Facebook's products as the place to share - including sharing through Messenger, which isn't as distanced from the core product as Facebook-owned Instagram and Whatsapp are. Earlier this year Facebook had shared that the ability to send photos, videos, stickers and GIFs in Messenger and has continued to make these features richer, sharper, and better with the introduction of 360-degree photos in Messenger. You can also identify the videos with a HD or SD marker.

Starting today, stunning 360-degree photos including panoramic photos enable the users to bring in their real-life 360-degree grid view of the world, covering natural landscapes to the bird-eye city view from one's apartment balcony etc. Designed basically for people with older Android devices, Lite now has even more reasons to start using it on your phone. This will not only endear more hearts to the app, it will enable users to do or take part in those basic things they always wanted to do in a video chat app.

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