Published: Sun, April 08, 2018
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Battle for Karnataka: Garland flung at Rahul Gandhi lands around neck

Battle for Karnataka: Garland flung at Rahul Gandhi lands around neck

While talking about the PNB fraud, Rahul said that the both Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi have a good relationship with PM Modi. That is all. That is the reality, " Rahul told reporters in Kolar on Saturday in the course of the sixth and final leg of his Janashirvad Yatra through poll-bound Karnataka. That's fine, that is the way they look at the world. Gandhi called the animal remark by Shah a "disrespectful statement". Our Prime Minister has nothing to say.

"It's not only Dalits, it's tribals, it's minorities". It doesn't stop there.

The Congress President said that not only Dalits, tribals, minorities but BJP leaders like Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, and Nitin Gadkari are disrespected in the BJP. He said, "You question PM Narendra Modi on his governance but the people of this country have been questioning the rule of Congress since its inception".

In a scathing attack on political rivals, Shah had on Friday equated the parties, trying to join hands against the BJP, to "snakes, "mongoose, 'dogs" and 'cats".

"The fact of the matter is that between Mr Amit Shah and Mr Modi, they are convinced that they are the only two human beings in this country. It is up to him when he would leave Amethi alone", Irani said, when asked to comment on speculations that Gandhi may not contest the polls from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh in 2019. Let me take names: "Samajwadi Party and BSP, Trinamool Congress and Congress, Chandrababu Naidu and Congress, they have nothing in common and no ideological similarities, but are coming together", the BJP supremo had said. Attempts are being made for opposition unity. "When huge floods occur, everything is washed away.Only a 'vatvriksha (banyan tree) survives and snakes, mongoose, dogs, cats and other animals climb to save themselves from the rising waters".

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