Published: Sun, April 08, 2018

Puigdemont Urges Spain to Allow Catalonia to Form Government

Puigdemont Urges Spain to Allow Catalonia to Form Government

Ms. Barley claimed that it was now up to Spain to prove that their additional prices against Mr. Puigdemont, which she said "won't even be more easy".

Carles Puigdemont, the former president of the government of Catalonia, has urged Spain to allow Catalonia to form their regional government headed by Jordi Sanchez, who is now in prison for rebellion charges in a press conference Saturday. "This is what the Catalan economy, society and culture need", Puigdemont said.

He said he hoped to return to live in Belgium once the legal process was over in Germany but that he meant to remain in Berlin while proceedings continued. "But only after the end of the proceedings here in Germany, not before".

Puigdemont was freed after a German court ruled out the charge of rebellion for which Spain issued an worldwide arrest warrant, arguing they found no evidence of violence in Puigdemont actions.

"My plan is to remain of course in Berlin".

The former Catalan leader was detained on a European arrest warrant after entering Germany on March 25.

A German court is deciding whether Puigdemont should be extradited on the lesser charge of misuse of public funds to hold a banned referendum on independence for Catalonia past year.

She stated that if Spain couldn't prove the allegations of misuse of public funds, "afterward Puigdemont would be a free man in a absolutely free country - notably in Germany".

Justice Minister Katarina Barley of Germany applauded that the courtroom's conclusion to spare Mr. Puigdemont on bail as "entirely appropriate" and exactly what she'd expected.

He was trying to drive from Finland to Belgium, where he had been living since fleeing to escape arrest in Spain. The court, however, has not ruled out extradition on the charge of "embezzlement".

The Spanish Supreme Court is considering appealing to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on extradition procedures among EU member states.

Spain's Supreme Court reactivated worldwide arrest warrants last month for Puigdemont and four other Catalan politicians who went into self-imposed exile previous year.

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