Published: Sun, April 08, 2018

Trump says United States treated unfairly vs China at WTO-tweet

Trump says United States treated unfairly vs China at WTO-tweet

China's request for consultation under the World Trade Organization regarding USA tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is "baseless", the U.S. said in a letter sent to China and the WTO, dated Wednesday.

He insisted that the US has been poorly represented in the WTO and that the organization is "unfair" to the U.S.

China on Thursday filed a complaint with World Trade Organization (WTO) over $50 billion worth of tariff measures taken by the US on 1,300 Chinese goods.

Trump has always been critical of the WTO, especially given its perceived role in China's economic rise.

If China and the United States approve Japan's participation, Tokyo would be able to express its views in the WTO consultations, the source said.

China "requested consultations" over the Trump administration's plans to impose tariffs, officially initiating a dispute with the WTO, the global trade body said.

Trump announced tough tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum in March, triggering retaliatory Chinese tariffs on $3 billion in American exports.

Recently, China officially told the World Trade Organization that it would impose $611.5 million in tariffs on $2.75 billion of United States imports as a response to the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium imports announced on March 23. "Consequently, there is no basis under WTO rules for China's decision this week to raise tariffs against over $3 billion in USA exports".

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