Published: Tue, April 10, 2018

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Uses Trump Model to Launch Senate Bid

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Uses Trump Model to Launch Senate Bid

"I accept what he said, but the goal of my conversation was to hear him, and then to clearly try to get him to understand that if we don't change things, none of us are going to have any privacy anymore", Mr. Nelson, Florida Democrat, said on MSNBC. "Let's get Washington to work", said Scott with a shout-out to winning his slogan during two successful gubernatorial campaigns.

"There's a lot of old exhausted thinking up there", said Scott in his campaign's opening statement at an Orlando construction company. Lidsky said. "At every turn governor Scott has been committed to common-sense regulations, to business growth to really supporting us". "If you ignore them, think of what you could accomplish".

So it didn't surprise political observers that Scott used some of his first comments about his Senate run to try to distance himself from the president. A Democrat flipped a state House seat in Sarasota in February despite the district's support for Trump in 2016 and the fact that former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski campaigned for the Republican. "Picking up Florida goes a long way to maintaining their majority". The city lies in the politically-important I-4 corridor and is home to a large Puerto Rican population. It is usually quite hard to unseat an incumbent-especially one who has been around for longer than one term-but Scott's name recognition (even greater than Nelson's per a recent poll) changes the dynamic considerably. "There's a lot of old exhausted thinking up there". "We shouldn't be sending the same type of people to Washington".

Scott says he had two things going for him while growing up - being a citizen of the USA, which he says provided him the opportunities to succeed, and his mother, who provided him with the motivation. He kicked off his campaign by taking direct aim at Nelson, who was first elected to Senate in 2000, by calling for term limits for members of Congress.

Four Scott opponents stood outside Monday's event, with motorists occasionally tooting horns or giving thumbs up as they drove past.

"I don't care who is an opponent", Nelson said in Washington.

Scott, a Republican, announced Monday his intentions to unseat Democratic Sen.

After Trump won, he returned the favor by publicly urging Scott to jump into the race for Senate - making clear that he would help the Florida Republican every step of the way. And Sullivan noted that Democrats will need to put up their own money, possibly diverting resources from other contested races. While most recent polls give Nelson a slight lead, many are within the margin of error and indicate the race to be a toss-up. The Nelson-Scott race will be expensive - and nasty. "It can work, it must work, we're going to make sure it works for Florida and for all of us".

Before Scott ran for governor, he spent most his career in the private sector.

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