Published: Tue, April 10, 2018

Trump says 'many people' have told him to fire Robert Mueller

Trump says 'many people' have told him to fire Robert Mueller

He told reporters he's mulling the possibility today after his personal attorney's hotel room was raided by investigators.

Instead, with reporters in the Cabinet Room and cameras rolling, Trump opened the meeting with an unprompted four-minute critique of Mueller's investigation.

"We have been in contact with federal authorities regarding their execution of a warrant relating to Mr. Cohen", the firm said.

"Someone had to have fed Mueller information to make him believe that either Trump and/or Cohen were not being honest in the statements they've made publicly", Cohen said.

The raid on Cohen's office was done by the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan and was based at least partly on a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, according to Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan.

Trump ordered Mueller's firing last June, but backed off the idea when White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign. It's a total witch hunt", said Trump, who claimed that he had "given over a million pages in documents to the special counsel.

The move ignited the president's anger, with Trump calling it a "disgrace" that federal agents "broke into" the office of his personal lawyer. One Mueller witness, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, not too long ago related the particular counsel with the fee, saying in an interview on MSNBC final month that prosecutors had requested him about it. I've wanted to keep it down. Special counsels never do. "They're not looking at the Hillary Clinton terrible things that she did and all of the crimes that she committed". Actually it's much more than that. One of the things I said, I fired Comey.

These people have the biggest conflicts of interest I have ever seen ... (Mueller is a lifelong Republican). They're not looking at the other side - Hillary Clinton ...

Trump also went after Attorney General Jeff Sessions - whose decision to recuse himself set in motion events that led to the appointment of Mueller by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, who is revealed to have permitted the raid after hearing from Mueller. "So he made what I consider to be a very bad mistake for the country".

It's not the first time Trump has floated the possibility of firing Mueller. Now Robert Mueller is just fishing around for something to destroy my presidency.

The foundation said the donation was "a specific request of Mr. Trump Foundation in September of 2015 when there were multiple candidates for the Republican nomination for president and it was by no means assured that Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee in 2016".

Q Yeah, just fire the guy. But Trump styled this outrage as "disgraceful".

"We'll see what happens", he said Monday.

"This is the most biased group of people". And in finding nothing, that's a big statement.

Mueller brought information involving Cohen to Rosenstein, who decided that the inquiry should be handled by federal prosecutors in NY, according to a person familiar with the situation.

But he signed-as you know, he also signed the FISA warrant.

The president addressed Rod Rosenstein, who now serves in that role, saying he was correct to write a letter criticizing ousted FBI Director James Comey but appearing to criticize him for signing a FISA warrant against campaign operative Carter Page. And he was right about that.

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