Published: Wed, April 11, 2018

Fox News accidentally broadcast graphic showing they're the least trusted news network

Fox News accidentally broadcast graphic showing they're the least trusted news network

Primarily based on a examine from Monmouth College, the graphic states that Individuals belief Fox Information lower than CNN and MSNBC.

On Sunday, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz was having a chat with Republican strategist and pollster Frank Luntz about how President Trump's excessive Twitter habits tend to undermine his own agenda. "Hold off. Take that down, please", Kurtz said.

People trust Fox more than they trust Donald Trump - but they trust CNN and MSNBC a lot more!

Tom Boggioni is a writer in San Diego, Calif.

I found the latter comparison so striking that I told my staff to make that poll question into a graphic to be shown on the air. So I calmly asked that it be taken down.

What the AP article fails to note is that Kurtz asked the graphic to be taken down because it was displayed out of order. Fox News has been the most-watched cable news channel for 16 consecutive years.

Pirro said that she and her colleagues were taking "full advantage of the entire Fox News brain trust" to craft Trump's Syria response.

By comparison, nearly half of Americans trusted CNN - the president's most hated news source - more than him. Another 37 percent said they trusted both equally.

The AP report appears to be based on an incredibly misleading post on liberal blog Raw Story, which claims that Kurtz "frantically implored his producer to take down a graphic that showed Fox is the least trusted of the big three cable networks".

In an announcement obtained by PEOPLE, Kurtz added, "I used to be upset after I noticed the AP story as a result of I believed the journalists there had larger requirements than to only recycle on-line partisan rubbish with out asking for remark".

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