Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
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Media Or Tech Company? Facebook's Profile Is Blurry

Media Or Tech Company? Facebook's Profile Is Blurry

He was testifying before the US Congress on matters of data privacy and misinformation for the second day on Wednesday.

Outrage ensued after it was revealed that close to 87 million users' personal data was accessed by British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica without their consent.

"It is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation" of internet firms, Zuckerberg said on Wednesday, but he again steered away from any specifics.

Before a panel of 44 senators asked him about Facebook's privacy policies, Russian interference, and other security issues, Zuckerberg used his opening remarks to issue an apology. They posted their biggest daily gain in almost two years on Tuesday as Zuckerberg managed to deter any specific discussion about new regulations that might hamper Facebook's ability to sell ads tailored to users' profiles.

At the same time, Zuckerberg was not willing to let that erode Facebook's fundamental model, in which advertisers make use of the massive data the social network collects on its users - what they like and dislike, where they go, who they link to - to pinpoint marketing targets.

Earlier this week, Facebook began notifying 87 million users, majority in the United States, whose personal data may have been mined by Cambridge Analytica.

"Every time there is a control right there", Zuckerberg said.

The CEO said his data was included in the personal information that ended up in hands of Cambridge Analytica.

Mr Zuckerberg has faced broad concerns from members of Congress about how Facebook shares user data. He didn't have any suggestions about what type of Facebook regulation might be appropriate, but he did say that he would send some suggestions to lawmakers' offices.

Cruz then asked if Facebook had taken down any pages from Democratic candidates or liberal groups like Planned Parenthood and, to which Zuckerberg said he had no knowledge of.

Although numerous questions that were asked seemed a bit off-topic-often due to the apparent lack of understanding about the company-some senators did focus their attention on the topic at hand.

This means all Facebook users are going to see a few changes next month.

The Facebook executive's comments came after Blackburn asked Zuckerberg if he believes Facebook "subjectively manipulate [s]" its algorithms "to prioritize or censor speech".

"Senator, we run ads", was the Facebook boss' response.

"No. I would probably not choose to do that publicly here", Zuckerberg said.

"When people upload their contact lists or address books to Facebook, we try to match that data with the contact information of other people on Facebook in order to generate friend recommendations", Facebook said in a post explaining how the contact data eventually got leaked.

But he maintained that advertising enables Facebook to offer a free service and that targeted ads based on user categories were more acceptable to users, even if they could opt out.

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