Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
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Uber adding vehicle rental and public transit services to its app

Uber adding vehicle rental and public transit services to its app

Khosrowshahi announced three partnerships on Wednesday. "We're excited to partner with Masabi to incorporate transit as an option in the Uber app".

The ridesharing giant announced plans to acquire JUMP Bikes this week, according to our sister site Brooklyn. JUMP is a dockless electric bike service that has rolled out in San Francisco, where it has a small presence with 250 bikes, and Washington, DC.

The moves come as Uber has scaled back its ambitions in another mode of transportation - self-driving cars.

While Uber has pulled its self-driving vehicle programs in all the markets where it operated, as well as not reapplied for a permit to operate in San Francisco, Khosrowshahi says not to take today's announcements as any sign that Uber is moving away from autonomous.

Uber is launching Uber Rent in San Francisco later this month in collaboration with the online peer-to-peer auto sharing company Getaround.

He said that Uber considers self-driving vehicles "part of the solution" and a long-term key to eliminating auto ownership by individuals.

Uber is expanding beyond ride-hailing and adding a series of new products to its app to cover all the ways people move around cities, including bikes, paying and booking tickets for buses and rail, and even vehicle rental through a partnership with Getaround.

"Having a greater variety of transportation modes at your fingertips helps make it increasingly easy to live without a auto", Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a statement. It will integrate the interface found in Getaround's mobile app into its own app. Customers will be able to select a auto, choose how many hours or days they want to drive it, and use the Uber app to unlock the vehicle with their smartphone. The new service will allow users to rent vehicles through the Uber application.

Uber has partnered with Masabi, a London based technology company that develops and markets mobile ticketing services for public transport companies. Other data available includes journey times across the city when major sporting events are taking place, along with road closures or more.

What employees said in written complaints and interviews "wasn't almost as powerful as I thought it would be", said Jahan Sagafi, who represents two female Uber engineers who are seeking approval of a US$10 million class-action settlement.

Uber is becoming more than just an app to hail a ride.

The pilot will launch in curb usage across all modes of transportation, which can help cities around the world prepare for a future where users can access transportation through different methods, said Uber.

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