Published: Fri, April 13, 2018

Black Adam Script Complete, Will Shoot in 2019

Black Adam Script Complete, Will Shoot in 2019

It has been awhile since fans have gotten an update on Black Adam. Yes, it's over the top, but so is the video game on which it is based, and the film is ridiculous, fun, and a great way to be entertained after a busy week at work.

Global icon Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock headlines the action adventure Rampage, directed by Brad Peyton.

Johnson's remarks here sound eerily familiar to something he told MTV News nearly a year ago to the day. In a new interview, Johnson says his Black Adam movie is aiming for a 2019 production start - but if the Shazam movie falters at the box office, will Black Adam happen at all?

If the script for Black Adam has been penned, then it sounds like screenwriter Adam Sztykiel has been busy. Yet, with Johnson behind Black Adam - with all the charisma and gameness that comes with the versatile actor's recent filmography - his smiled assertion that "yeah, it's looking like 2019", seems like nothing but good news.

The fictional supervillain - occasional anti-hero - was announced back in 2014 to be receiving a standalone adaptation in the DC Extended Universe.

A mere fortnight after Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle left British cinemas, here comes Dwayne Johnson again with a similarly hushed and introspective tale about the love between a man and his giant albino gorilla.

"So Black Adam is this phenomenal opportunity for us to nail the tone", The Rock said. "I feel like when somebody is oppressed that way but has a bigger ambition and a greater belief than the oppression that's holding him down - that's a powerful place to be".

"One of the most important things that I know helped me with the multiple times that I had gone through my own episodes of depression, was making sure that I was talking to people".

Johnson's "Rampage" co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared live on "GMA" April 9.

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