Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
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Could Marijuana be Legalized in NY?

Could Marijuana be Legalized in NY?

Yesterday, Nixon posted a video where she encouraged the state to legalize marijuana and made the issue her first policy plank of her campaign. At the time of the study's commissioning, Cuomo invoked a turning of the tide, both in the Northeast region and nationally.

It's not every day you see a politician in the United States explicitly calling the "war on drugs" racist, but that's something we're happy to see changing.

Even if Nixon doesn't win the nomination, hopefully her campaign will help motivate Cuomo to embrace more progressive ideals, such as marijuana legalization.

We believe that cannabis producers "represent the next wave of outsized returns for investors" once the halo of legalization in Canada fades. Boehner has been appointed to the board of advisers of Acreage Holdings, a New York City-based canna-business running cultivation, dispensary, and processing operations in 11 states.

Industry analysts are viewing Boehner's decision as a watershed event that effectively announces that marijuana has finally gone mainstream and that investment in the sector could balloon in the coming years.

"There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana, but for me, it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity", Nixon says in the video.

Weld and Boehner also agree that the issue of cannabis legalization is largely a debate over whether or not the 10 Amendment grants states the legal right to legalize a federally-prohibited drug.

Cuomo has opposed legalizing recreational marijuana in the past, calling it a "gateway drug".

NY already has a limited medical marijuana program. Andrew Cuomo (D) last month. He added later: "We recognize that patients should be treated as patients, not criminals".

"I think we're actually ahead on it", Cuomo said.

Back in NY, the Nixon candidacy is clearly putting more pressure on Cuomo - and represents much more of an insurgent phenomenon than Jersey's Murphy.

An amusing dust-up revealed how the state's political establishment views Nixon as a threatening candidate.

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