Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
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Destiny 2's second expansion is called Warmind, out May 8

Destiny 2's second expansion is called Warmind, out May 8

After numerous leaks and misinformation Bungie has officially confirmed the name and release date of the next DLC expansion.

The DLC will send players to new locations, where they will meet new characters and will engage in battles with new opponents.

We'll have to wait until 24th April for a new livestream that will showcase the new content, with new loot to earn, new activities, new heroes and new enemies. In September, with season four and the presumed launch of the still-unannounced third expansion, Bungie is planning to make changes to "weapon slot systems". This time around it's not going to matter as much whether or not you actually bought the expansion.

May 8 will also kick off Season 3, which should bring new content, armor, and cosmetics.

Coming to the updated development road-map, update 1.2.0 will release alongside Warmind to bring seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, an increase to vault space, the ability to equip multiple emotes, Exotic masterworks, and more to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 's Warmind DLC has been the subject of speculation for months, but it's still not clear if Warmind's content will be enough to rejuvenate this very exhausted player base.

Bungie plans to completely unveil Warmind during a live stream on Twitch later this month. Over the past few months, the player base has decreased rather significantly because the "Curse of Osiris" expansion placed numerous maps behind a paywall. Along with the expansion, Season 3 will offer new ornaments and gear for completing certain challenges within factions, new perk progression for clans, and lots of other updates (as stated above). The item that stands out to me the most is the Gear Collections entry.

You may notice that "Mods 2.0" is missing from the roadmap, but Bungie states that is due to them rolling mod changes into the new weapon randomization that is coming. You can see the breakdown in the map below.

Destiny 2 has had an unusual journey so far, having been greeted positively upon release but finding its reputation more and more tarnished as time has gone on.

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