Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
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Instagram will soon let you download a copy of your data

Instagram will soon let you download a copy of your data

At this moment Instagram is not going into the details of this feature because it is yet to be finalized. Snapcodes, first launched in 2015, also enable users to follow fellow Snapchatters - as well as unlock special Filters and Lenses - by scanning a QR code. Not only that, but Instagram also restricts the users from downloading the photos by tapping and saving them. Now, "Instagram will develop a new data portability tool, that will allow its user to download a copy of their content", an Instagram spokesperson said in his statement.

Sadly, it's just a report and it is still in its testing environment so it is still unclear when this new tool will be added to the platform.

While it's possible to download your shared information on Facebook, a similar feature isn't available on Instagram, making it hard to export your data.

The update allows users to blur the background and capture bokeh-sque pictures with front and rear cameras. Let us know in the comments. But in Facebook's case, the service will provide a full archive of your photos, messages and profile information, in addition to telling you what advertisers have your contact data. No word on if Instagram is whitelisting specific devices, if the compatibility is based on specs, or why this feature might be limited to a number of handsets.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram users can't drag or tap and hold on images to save them and they can't download images they have already posted. The app took to its own Press website to make the official announcement for the launch of this feature which was hidden in previous builds too on Android devices. You can read about that tool from here. Further, this feature will allow the users to download their entire data from the site and will make it easier for users to resort to competitor image sharing sites.

What is the data portability tool all about?

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