Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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5 ways Google is changing Gmail

5 ways Google is changing Gmail

Reportedly, an APK teardown of the Google Photos app has revealed a code that indicates that Google may be working on an improved Archiving feature.

TechCrunch's test email was sent from a new Gmail user to a user on the old Gmail client, so a link was formed.

Google Go also has smart word suggestions and supports voice search. We've been hearing about a Gmail redesign since past year. At least, not yet we aren't.

While users of G Suite never have their emails scanned for other Gmail users, in 2014, Google updated its terms of service to ensure users had full transparency in the context of Google scanning their email content. The goal of the email was to inform these administrators that there would be a new look coming to in the next little while. "Unfortunately users can't always decide on the type of device they have or the kind of connection they are on‚" commented Google Africa chief marketing officer‚ Mzamo Masito. With Google Go, you can access all your favorite apps and websites and discover the top destinations in your country.

What is Gmail Adding to its Layout? The new look for Gmail will also come with several new features, but there were no screenshots on what exactly Google will change with the email service's design. What does the snooze feature do? The ability to enable email snooze mode: the selected letters will appear in "Incoming" in the selected time. Smart replies suggested users with quick responses to messages so as to save time while you're occupied with something else. It features a new sidebar consisting of Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Tasks.

Gmail is set to get a fresh new look. The news is pretty exciting as Gmail hasn't been revamped in a while.

According to the tipster who spilled the news to TechCrunch, there's already a help page for the feature but it's now not populated with any information - suggesting that the self-destructing emails of the new Gmail design is under development but not ready for release at this point in time. As of this writing, Google is trading up $17.84, or 1.75%.

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