Published: Sat, April 14, 2018

Father throws baby from roof during stand-off with police

Father throws baby from roof during stand-off with police

Steven Pladl, 43, was discovered dead inside a auto parked in Dover, New York, at 8.40am on Thursday (US time).

Witnesses said the bullets came from a blue Honda Oddessy which was found several miles away in NY with Steven Pladl's body inside.

The North Carolina man accused of leaving his marriage for his biological daughter, who he later impregnated and married, is now suspected of murdering her, their baby and her adoptive father before killing himself. New Milford Police Chief Shawn Boyne said Steven pulled up next to a vehicle occupied by Anthony and Katie and fired multiple shots into their upper torso and head areas. According to Lieutenant Larry Ash, spokesperson for New Milford Police, they found the murder suspect with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And he told me, she's in NY, and he called me last night and said he was on his way. Two months after that, they are all dead.

Police and municipal officials had on Thursday been demolishing about 150 shacks in the Joe Slovo settlement, which they said had been built on illegally occupied land.

The alleged relationship between the father and daughter began two years ago in Virginia, where Katie Pladl was born in 1998. When she turned 18, Katie reached out to Steven and her mother through social media.

Steven, 42, of Knightdale, N.C., and Katie, 20, were arrested January 27 and charged with adultery and contributing to delinquency. They had been charged with incest, adultery and contributing to delinquency after investigators discovered they had a child together. The conditions of his bond were later amended to allow him to travel to North Carolina.

Steven Pladl's bond restrictions had been loosened to allow him travel to North Carolina while Katie Pladl was required to live in NY with Fusco. She was adopted by another family and lived out of state.

I really believe that if the judges or the prosecutor or the defense attorneys in this case had any clue that the minor child or anyone would be harmed there would not be a bond set for any of the parties.

Steven Pladl's mother called 911 to conduct a welfare check on his Knightdale, N.C. home after having a disturbing conversation with her son, Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps said.

Steven's mother, who lives in Cary, called 911 Thursday morning.

"My son just called me".

"Oh God, he told me to call the police and I shouldn't go over there", Steven's mother told a 911 dispatcher, according to a recording obtained by WNCN. Katie, an artist, said in her online portfolio that she planned to attend Dutchess Community College in August 2016 and focus in online advertising. He said "that I shouldn't go over there".

The caller then said Steven admitted to killing his wife and her adoptive father, the station reports.

After killing the two, Steven Pladl then killed himself in his vehicle in Dover, New York, according to authorities. "His wife (also daughter) broke up with him over the phone yesterday".

Capps said it was his understanding Steven Pladl drove to the NY area "for the specific objective of making some confrontations".

"We may never understand the mindset or motives of Steven Pladl, but we do know his actions have shattered the lives of countless people", Capps, the Knightdale police chief, said in a Facebook post.

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