Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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NBA Regular-Season Ratings Hit 4-Year High

NBA Regular-Season Ratings Hit 4-Year High

In the spirit of such exciting times, let's have some fun and make four far-fetched predictions that may come to fruition and catch people by surprise this postseason. The no-fee secondary marketplace lists the Utah Jazz's opening-round playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder as the third-most expensive of the league, with an average price of $336. While almost averaging a triple-double, the 76er's have set a franchise-record winning 16-games in a row to enter the postseason - the longest winning streak to finish a season in National Basketball Association history.

Davis went on a tear during the second half of this season, and it will be worth seeing if he can keep putting up video game numbers now that it's playoff time. Anchored by Rudy Gobert, Utah has the league's second-best defense.

Combine that with the weapons they have on offense; which the likes of Derrick Favors, Joe Ingles, Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio. Miami's best chance is for Whiteside to be great.

Especially, since the Thunder is not an overly dynamic team on offensively with a very mediocre second unit. The conference finals would then consist of the two teams still remaining. Even this year, when his team underwent a complete midseason roster overhaul, his game has been strong enough to make his team a perennial threat. But the 76ers are led by postseason newcomers in Joel Embiid and rookie Ben Simmons - and Embiid is still recovering from a broken orbital bone and concussion as the postseason begins - and will have to overcome their inexperience and a rugged Miami team.

If two teams with the same record meet in a round, standard tiebreaker rules are used. Boston isn't the same team that went 55-27 and earned the East's No.2 seed.

First and foremost, the Warriors and Cavaliers didn't even come in first place in their conferences this year. Every playoff team has at least one global player on its roster, with Utah and Philadelphia both featuring seven and Boston, Toronto and San Antonio six each. John Wall has played in just four games since January 27, and the Wizards have oddly looked better without the star point guard. They also have a frontcourt of Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas who are both at the peak of their prime. James has played in the last seven NBA Finals, so nobody knows how to get to the finish line better, no matter from where he starts. Will they? Chris Paul has never been to the conference finals, but he's never been on a team this talented, with a player like James Harden.

The Manila Times had followed the games through the wonders of electronics media since the season started and prepared a comprehensive study on the playoff matchup-outlook and who's playing who in the East and West that might interest its readers.

You can not help but feel that whoever emerges from the West - the favourites to do so being the Rockets, owners of the best record in the regular season at 65-17 with the stunning James Harden-Chris Paul backcourt, and the Warriors - will claim the title.

You heard it heard first!

For pretty much the NBA's entire history, there's been little reason to tune in for the playoffs until they got to the finals. Spoiler? We think the Houston Rockets will win the championship.

The NBA playoffs are wide open.

Don't expect Houston to be seriously challenged until the conference finals.

GIVING BACK: The Utah Jazz assisted the community in a big way this season.

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