Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Russian telecom watchdog says Telegram will be banned soon

Russian telecom watchdog says Telegram will be banned soon

Russian Federation and Telegram have been going at it for the past couple of months, and now it's getting ugly.

Telegram said this demands would be impossible to implement since the keys were stored in the users' devices. Yet, the federal agency insisted on the immediate execution of the court decision about the blocking of Telegram.

Earlier today news that the Russian court has blocked access to the popular private messaging app Telegram.

"Telegram is very convenient, we really use it, including for communication with journalists, it will be very unfortunate if there is no consensus, as far as we understand, it has not yet been found".

Durov went ahead to prevent Telegram's own lawyers from going for the court hearings. In July 2016, the FSB ordered the messenger service's managers to sign a document agreeing to hand over encryption keys that would give security agents access to data exchanges on six types of telephones that use the service. And that happened not long after Telegram lost an appeal in March after the country's Supreme Court ruled that it must continue providing user data to the country's security services, the FSB, so that it can prevent terrorist attacks. The Iranian government took a similar step on New Year's Eve, which Telegram argues was motivated by the fact that Iranian political opposition were using the platform to communicate.

Smolina stressed that the ban on access to information will be in force until the FSB's demands are met.

After the April 4 deadline passed and with Telegram still refusing to share its encryption keys, Roskomnadzor started legal action last week. Durov has remained resolute in his determination not to allow the FSB access user communications. President Vladimir Putin's press office reportedly uses the Telegram as well.

Durov himself left Russia in 2014 after selling the country's biggest social media network, VK, to a businessman close to the Kremlin after coming under pressure from Russian authorities. "Telegram will be more hard to shut as it's highly popular and offers users means to bypass blocking".

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