Published: Tue, April 17, 2018

Alberta to restrict oil, gas to neighbor in Canada pipeline row

Alberta to restrict oil, gas to neighbor in Canada pipeline row

Even as Kinder Morgan announced it had suspended all non-essential spending on the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion, pipe for the project was delivered to a staging area last week in New Westminster. For more than a decade, Alberta oil producers have been trying to get a pipeline to the west coast to diversify markets away from the United States. His opposition is the main reason Kinder Morgan, of Texas, halted the project a week ago and set a May 31 deadline for a resolution.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said he would move forward with controversial pipeline plans despite protests and objections from the British Columbia Premier, and Canada's government was prepared to use taxpayer dollars to push the project forward, The Guardian reports.

The project was reportedly approved by the federal government in 2016.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan says the expansion project "short circuits" the legal process and civil disobedience against the pipeline it will only continue to grow. If anything, the positions of the two NDP premiers appeared all the more entrenched when the meeting was over. "The answer is still no".

To explain that a bit more, the idea of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion project is to increase the capacity of the pipeline in question (3 times over), and thereby improve its selling position. Alberta's provincial government also will be included in the talks.

"Construction will go ahead", stated Trudeau. Phillip dismissed as "aspirational agreements" the support of the project by more than 40 Indigenous communities along the route of the pipeline from central Alberta to the B.C. coast.

"No one expect our own nation can give consent for our territory", said Khelsilem, a Squamish council member, during Monday's press conference.

On Sunday, Trudeau pledged financial aid and said his government would draft legislation to reaffirm federal jurisdiction over the issue.

Trudeau added that he is seeking federal jurisdiction over the pipeline "We are actively pursuing legislative options that will assert and reinforce the government of Canada's jurisdiction in this matter", he said. However, the Liberals would be wary of going that far as this would cost them votes in next year's elections.

In a statement from the Protect the Inlet initiative, the Indigenous-led group reminds the federal government that Kinder Morgan's project does not have their consent.

"It's a grand pretext".

"The Prime Minister is saying they are in negotiations with Kinder Morgan to ensure an end to uncertainty".

Carr disagreed that the government is being blackmailed.

Kinder Morgan, for its part, would not say Sunday whether it felt mollified by the day's events.

The reality is that Canada is pretty much dependent on foreign investment and on its oil industry for the maintenance of its current way of life. "But I feel it's important for me to be clear that my opinion on the pipeline is not a personal attack on them". "Worse, his insistence in pushing this project through despite significant Indigenous and community opposition risks everything that makes Canada great - our commitment to human rights, our attractive natural environment and our global reputation as a peaceful nation of hard workers unafraid to tackle the challenges before us".

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