Published: Tue, April 17, 2018

Brown's Bid to Finesse Trump's National Guard Plan

Brown's Bid to Finesse Trump's National Guard Plan

Nor has California explained what criteria it would use to distinguish between immigration-related tasks and tracking transnational gangs, human traffickers and drug smugglers.

In a letter addressed to federal officials this past Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown announced he would accept federal funding to send 400 national guard troops to the border to "Supplement the staffing of its ongoing program to combat transnational crime". The additional staffing would allow the Guard to support statewide law enforcement operations, Brown said but emphasized the guardsmen would not detain border jumpers or other illegal aliens.

The troops will remain under state control, but the deployment costs will be covered by the Department of Defense.

Governor Brown has stated publicly that he shares our interest in securing our southern border. Jerry Brown rejected terms of the National Guard's initial deployment to the Mexican border, but a state official said nothing was decided.

Trump has frequently clashed with Brown over the state's "sanctuary" policies limiting the participation of state and local police in federal immigration enforcement.

California has rejected a preliminary federal plan for the state's National Guard troops deployed to the border because it entails too much support for immigration enforcement, according to US officials. Salesses said that the California Guard would not perform those missions.

A National Guard troop watches over Rio Grande River on the border in Roma, Texas on Wednesday.

A California National Guard commander, Lt. Col. Tom Keegan, disputed that characterization, and said in a statement Monday that "state officials have not rejected anything". However, President Trump could cut the California National Guard's federal funding-or end its federal recognition, meaning California guard members could no longer be part of the US military, as Capitol Public Radio reported.

Agents at the time dubbed it "nanny patrol" duty, and said it meant that while the guard freed agents from some duties, many of them ended up on protection jobs anyway, undercutting the force multiplier the guard was supposed to be.

While noting that the number changes daily, Hokanson said his latest figures show more than 900 troops have deployed for the mission: 250 in Arizona, just over 60 in New Mexico, and around 650 in Texas. President Trump has vowed to ship upto 4,000 troops into the border. In 2017 Brown asked Trump to fund repairs of the state owned and operated Oroville Dam spillway break.

Salesses was clear that the troops deployed to the border states "would not perform law enforcement functions" and would "not be placed in direct contact with personnel coming to the border".

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