Published: Tue, April 17, 2018

Michael Cohen reveals 3rd client is Sean Hannity

Michael Cohen reveals 3rd client is Sean Hannity

McKay, the federal prosecutor, said in a court motion arguing against this that Cohen's request was "unprecedented and is not supported by case law".

Hannity characterized news organizations as going "off the rails" for reporting on his relationship with Cohen, saying that his relationship was not very complicated and questioning why the story was receiving the amount of attention it was.

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen also did some legal work for Fox News host Sean Hannity, Cohen revealed at a Monday court hearing.

The disclosure was the latest surprise in a highly unusual court case in which the president is fighting his own Justice Department. Unfortunately, the conflict of interest appears to have never crossed the host's mind, as Hannity pushed his own theory regarding Cohen to the public without thinking twice.

Hannity's name unexpectedly came up in court Monday as a judge hearing a motion brought by Cohen's legal team to exclude some items seized in the raid pressed them to identify Cohen's clients.

At this point, Ryan made several offers to hand over Hannity's name in a sealed envelope while noting, "I'm simply trying to protect the privacy of that individual". Cohen also negotiated a $2.17m payment past year from Broidy to a Playboy model who said Broidy impregnated her, according to the Wall Street Journal.

After ignoring an initial hearing last week, Wood said Cohen should make sure he was at the next hearing.

Cohen reportedly did "traditional legal tasks" for three clientsTrump, former Republican National Committee official Elliott Brody and a third person who asked to remain anonymous.

"I rule it must be disclosed now", she said.

The disclosure came as Mr Cohen's attorneys tried to persuade a federal judge in NY to delay prosecutors from examining records and electronic devices seized in the raids on the grounds that many of them are protected by attorney-client privilege.

The office of Michael Cohen was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last week. Trump also has said that he was unaware of the payment.

Prosecutors say they are investigating Cohen's personal business dealings.

On Sunday, Mr Trump's lawyers asked a judge to let him preview the files. Cohen has worked as Trump's private attorney for more than a decade and is seen as a "street-wise New Yorker with a penchant for confrontation" who works as Trump's fixer, according to ABC News.

Trump's lawyers argued that they should be given the right to first review the seized material to delete anything they believe is privileged material involving the president.

Although he later clarified his comments to suggest that he expected that some of his conversations with Cohen would be confidential, his earlier denial that a relationship ever existed renders that expectation unpersuasive. "All lawyers are deflated and concerned!"

Agents were seeking evidence on various matters, including a $130,000 (£90,000) payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Until now, we knew Cohen repped Trump and paid hush money to cover up Trump's alleged affairs.

Attorneys for Cohen had already applied to Judge Kimba Wood at Manhattan federal court for a restraining order that would stop authorities reviewing the records seized from Cohen until Cohen's team has reviewed the materials themselves.

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