Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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OnePlus 6 Latest Teaser Suggests It to Be Water Resistant

OnePlus 6 Latest Teaser Suggests It to Be Water Resistant

Accompanying the tweet is a short clip of water splashing off a hard surface.

OnePlus is either the master of buzz marketing or the worst at keeping secrets about upcoming models, because there is nearly nothing we don't already know about the OnePlus 6, the next big thing from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The company has also teased a repositioning of the hardware Alert Slider and hinted it could be used to offer a "slide to focus" option.

It looks like OnePlus is about to erase that advantage, offering water resistance, without sacrificing the 3.5mm audio jack. The 16-megapixel main camera seems to do a great job in optimal light, but we wouldn't expect otherwise from a flagship. Ahead of launch, the Chinese startup has officially confirmed several details of OnePlus 6.

While OnePlus have been pushing the boundary with better specs and different textures, they have been quite reluctant when it comes to water resistance.

The current rumors suggest the OnePlus 6 will be announced as soon as May 5. OnePlus 6 in a new "Coral Blue" colour version has also been leaked in a poster. The phone will also allow users to shoot 4K videos.

OnePlus 6 is expected to make a debut mid-May. It doesn't state the IP rating except that it is good enough for you to use it under the rain.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared some full-res 16MP camera samples from the OnePlus 6 from a recent walk around Stanford, California. Huawei's new flagship smartphone with triple cameras - the Huawei P20 Pro is also certified with IP67 water and dust resistance.

Since the phone is already rumored to be the most expensive smartphone in the OnePlus series, able to compete with top brand phones like Samsung's S8 or S9 or even Apple's iPhone X, having these waterproof and dust resistant features incorporated could set this phone apart.

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