Published: Tue, April 17, 2018

Venezuelan woman sexually assaulted, robbed

Venezuelan woman sexually assaulted, robbed

The woman had been drinking in San Francisco's Mission District at Bruno's Bar before closing Saturday and had called for a ride to pick her up and take her home, according to the release. Eckard then grabbed her "roughly" around the wrist, placed two fingers in her nostrils and slammed her head into the window of a vehicle several times, the woman told police.

A vehicle description can not be provided at this time and it's not clear if it was actually the ride-sharing company that picked her up.

The court relied on the testimony of the victim, who said her mother had taken her to the convict's house in north-west Delhi for treatment of her backache through witchcraft but, instead, he inappropriately touched her private parts after sending her mother out to bring lemons for treatment. "She had visible injuries on her face and neck and she was walking without any shoes on and the employee at Safeway stopped and asked her if she was okay". The victim was that time staying with her cousin brother while the accused stayed in their neighbourhood.

The driver drove the rear-seat passenger and victim to an unknown location in Sonoma where the victim said she was beaten and choked by the rear-seat passenger, then sexually assaulted by both the passenger and driver.

Florence County Sheriff's Office investigators say 22-year-old Quinton Folk, 23-year-old Malik Chestnut, 23-year-old Jaylen Still and 21-year-old Marshevis Ellington were all charged with criminal sexual conduct, third degree. The sheriff's office is asking anyone who finds the items or has additional information about the alleged crimes to contact detectives at 707-565-3941.

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