Published: Tue, April 17, 2018

Video of woman assaulting two female soldiers goes viral

Video of woman assaulting two female soldiers goes viral

Police said once Tucker realized Sharpe took her phone out to record, Tucker said, "Don't you take a picture of me", as Tucker and her son lunged towards the pregnant woman and Tucker hit her in the face.

She explained that the woman, Judy Tucker, had become annoyed when the two soldiers apparently blocked her from getting into their handicapped parking spot.

Tucker was also heard saying: "Put that phone down!"

Then in early April - police say she befriended Hutchinson in Fort Myers and shot her to death.

"This is the first time in my career that I've seen someone steal someone's identity and target them for the way they look, in order to murder them", Marceno said. The solider repeatedly said she was pregnant, but that didn't stop her thuggery.

"Oh really? By her?"

Tucker's husband does not seem to appear in any of the video footage.

"This Gentleman & his mom [were] hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into [their] handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in [their] own separate parking spot", wrote witness LaKeycia Ward. She has since posted a $25,000 bail amount and has been released from the jail.

Her children, ages 3 and 2, tested positive for meth as well, the affidavit stated.

Additional video shows her daughter Angie telling police she had "ten big black guys on her".

"When we came to the settlements wing, the officer in question who identified himself as Ravi, was actually sleeping", says 34-year-old Madhuri, Radha's daughter-in-law to TNM.

Documenting the event on video was important because Tucker's family are claiming that they were the ones being attacked.

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman of Dosia village under Pattamundai block in Kendrapara district suffered a miscarriage and gave birth to a stillborn fetus, allegedly caused by three miscreants who had kicked her during a loot bid.

Said one Facebook user, "Sad to see such disrespect to our military over something so stupid. A jury took less than two hours to convict her on all counts".

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