Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
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IRS tax payment website is down on Tax Day

IRS tax payment website is down on Tax Day

You can still use the IRS website to pay your tax bill with a credit or debit card; however, you'll be on the hook for a small fee that varies by card and payment processor.

Those seeking to make a payment were greeted with the message: "This service is now unavailable".

IRS Acting Commissioner David Kautter testified during a House Oversight Hearing Tuesday that a number of systems are down at the moment and that the agency is working to resolve the issue.

The agency discovered the problem early Tuesday morning. "Given this news, I hope that the IRS will make accommodations so that every taxpayer attempting to file today has a fair shot to do so without penalty".

The agency also said that taxpayers should filing their tax returns as they normally would.

Former IRS CTO Terry Milholland told FCW in an email that the tax day outage likely isn't due to outmoded IT.

The IRS has been trying to update its outdated computer systems for several years, and agency leaders have warned about potential malfunctions and said they are guarding closely against external threats.

"While we don't yet know what has caused this systems failure, the lack of Republican funding for the IRS to serve taxpayers will only compound the issue". But it said on its website that its online payment system became unavailable at 2:50 A.M. ET on Tuesday. The agency fields systems in outdated computer languages, relies on out-of-support mainframe and server technology and recently lost the last senior IT specialist hired under now-defunct critical pay authority to attract top private-sector tech talent. "Our situation is analogous to driving a Model T automobile that has satellite radio and the latest GPS system".

"The IRS is crashing?" he said, repeating a reporter's question.

Congress has been steadily cutting the IRS budget or holding it flat for the past few years, partly in a broader austerity effort and partly in response to the agency's treatment of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. "Taxpayers would not be penalized because of a technical problem the IRS is having".

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