Published: Wed, April 18, 2018

Trump Official: Haley at Fault for Announcing Wrong Russian Policy

Trump Official: Haley at Fault for Announcing Wrong Russian Policy

Kori Schake, deputy director-general of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told NPR's Morning Edition on Monday that "this is a problem that you're going to have to keep paying attention to, because every time Bashar al-Assad needs a battlefield victory that he can't achieve by conventional forces, he employs chemical weapons to terrorize the rebels into submission".

Worldwide investigators on Tuesday entered a Syrian town hit by an alleged chemical attack, after days of delay and warnings by Western powers that crucial evidence had likely been removed.

The leaders will be expected to answer for their decision to join the U.S. in launching missiles at suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria, in an attempt to punish President Bashar al-Assad's regime for the alleged chemical attack.

Syrian state media on Monday broadcast what it said were images of hundreds of Syrians celebrating their government's successful interception of most of the missiles launched in airstrikes by Britain, France and the United States over the weekend. The reaction from Damascus and its backers following the 2017 United States strike in Syria was muted despite repeated threats.

Yet France and the United States appeared to question the objective of such a mission, warning that any incriminating evidence had likely been removed by now.

The team will also have to deal with the risk that evidence may have been removed from the site, which lies in an area that has been controlled by Russian military police and Syrian forces over the past week. The OPCW is set to meet in the Hague on Monday over the attack, although there have been no signs yet that the investigators have travelled to Douma to begin their fieldwork.

Trump spoke multiple times over the course of the week with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

CHINA TRADE: The Trump administration on Friday targeted China and five other countries including allies Japan and South Korea for special monitoring for what the administration says are practices that are worsening America's trade deficit. "These strikes don't necessarily resolve anything, but I think they were important".

Trump wanted a "more robust attack" on Bashar al-Assad's regime, people familiar with the process told the Wall Street Journal. Defence secretary Gavin Wiliamson told BBC Radio 4: "Our service personnel have played an important role in terms of degrading the ability of the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons in the future, but also it sends a clear message to the Syrian regime that they can not continue to use chemical weapons with impunity".

It branded the incident an "aggression" but did not name a specific country.

A Syrian man holds bread as Syrian authorities distributed basic staples to Douma residents, near Damascus, Syria, April 16, 2018. "Unfettered access essential. Russia & Syria must cooperate", the delegation tweeted.

Syrian state television showed pictures of a missile that was shot in the air above the base. And it shouldn't just be us doing it.

The new diplomatic push came after a stormy Security Council meeting called by Russian Federation, which branded the military action an "aggression" against Syria and sought condemnation.

And still, the course of Syrian's civil war will likely remain unchanged.

"There are certainly various asymmetric means through which Russia, Syria and Iran could respond inside Syria or outside", said Heller.

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