Published: Fri, April 20, 2018

Screaming 'Jew' in Arabic, assailant whips skullcap-clad Israeli Berlin

Screaming 'Jew' in Arabic, assailant whips skullcap-clad Israeli Berlin

"That's when they got angry", he explained.

"I am very sad but at the same time I'm happy that we were able to achieve something with the video", he said, speaking fluent German.

The RIAS group that tracks discrimination of Jews said Berlin a year ago had 947 anti-Semitic incidents, including 18 attacks and 23 threats.

Mr Armush later said the pair weren't Jewish, he is an Israeli raised by and Arab family, was were wearing the kippas to see what would happen. He said the kippa he wore was a gift from a friend who told him it was "unsafe" to wear out in the open. So one of them ran at me. But he said he had received lots of support from police and on social media.

Several German officials were quick to condemn the act, including Chancellor Angela Merkel who vowed to respond "with full force" to resolve the rising threat of anti-Semitism in Germany. The incident comes amid a rise in anti-semitic crimes across Germany.

"This is part of series", Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told Deutsche Welle.

A video of the attack Tuesday showing Armoush being whipped with a belt quickly went viral with people assuming that Armoush was Jewish. "Now we're seeing an incident in a trendy, well-heeled neighborhood".

The JFDA posted an update Wednesday, saying that according to police, the suspected thug had first tried to attack Armush with a glass bottle but that a witness had gotten between them.

The State Protection Office of the German police, which is responsible for politically-motivated offenses, has launched an investigation into the case.

The attacker was filmed shouting anti-Semitic abuse and the video of the incident was later shared on Facebook, the BBC has reported.

"People in Berlin are confronted with anti-Semitism on a daily basis, project director Benjamin Steinitz said in a statement accompanying the report".

Forum spokesperson Levi Salomon told the BZ that the incident shows that even in a "posh Berlin district..." He called for clear action by the judiciary and politicians.

"We no longer need Sunday speeches", he added.

The incident prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel to say: "This is absolutely a bad incident and we must act,".

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